Turbine Meters

Dresser turbine gas meters reduce installation and maintenance costs while improving measurement accuracy. This meter is designed to measure gas velocity and the operating principle incorporates an innovative method of conditioning the flow before it reaches the turbine rotor. The result is world-class measurement accuracy. Dresser turbine meters use a Removable Meter Cartridge (RMC), which allows field adaptability from 2” through 12” sizes.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy “on-site” maintenance.

  • Reduced cost of repair by replacing the RMC without the need for total meter overhaul.

  • Oil refreshing and flushing lubrication system assures optimum accuracy and extended bearing life.

  • Product life enhanced by a self-cleaning oil system.

  • Reduced sensitivity to severe gas conditions.

  • Precision machined rotor, superior components.

  • Multi-stage flow conditioner.

  • Main bearing location provides improved protection from pipeline contaminants.