5 Valve Instrument Manifold - Base Mounted

5VBM Series Instrument Manifold

Direct Mount 5 Valve Manifold

6,000 psi rated
Five valve direct mount manifold for base mounting to an enclosure or mounting plate, designed for use with pressure gauge transmitter. The manifold will isolate the instrumentation from the process and allow safe venting of the instrument for calibration / removal from the circuit without effecting the process / application and or recovery of a sample etc. This compact unit offers single isolation, and vent / test facility. Vent port supplied 1/4” NPT (vent port plugged as standard). Being base mounted facilitates quick and easy installation of the instrument. No additional fitting or brackets required, the manifold supports the instrument. Supplied with bolt pack and spare seals as standard. Certain options such as locking devices and hand wheels etc are available.