Angle Pattern Needle Valves Rated 6,000psi (414bar) and 10,000psi (690bar)

"AV" and "UAV" Series Angle Pattern Needle Valve Rrange.

The 90° angle pattern needle valve offers high pressure bubble tight sealing in a compact body allowing pipe work origination to change by 90° at the valve.

The “AV” offers many different connections, male x male, male x female, threaded and even compression type tube ends.

Pressure ratings "AV" Series - 6,000psi (414bar) and "UAV" - 10,000psi (690bar).

Sizes from 1/4” to 1”. Several options such as locking device and hand wheel operator are available. The “AV” series is made in 316 stainless steel as standard and various super alloys.